Large & Hazardous Tree Removal in the Kansas City Metro!

Emergency Tree Service!

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Tree Trimming & Tree Removal Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune!

We Specialize in LARGE & Hazardous Tree Removal 

Jordan removing hazardous limbs    


Ensure your trees are healthy from the roots to the canopy with tree trimming and removal services from EPIC Tree Care.

With senior, military, and civil discounts, you never pay more than necessary with our Emergency Tree Service!

Quality You Deserve!

Whether we're diagnosing sick trees, cutting down dangerous limbs, or removing trees altogether, you can count on EPIC Tree Care to get your tree service done right! While we specialize in tree trimming and tree removal, we also Give Back to the Community, by helping you raise money for YOUR favorite charity or organization!


Meet Archy, Daphne, and Bam-Bam!

Daphne and Bam-Bam were just one week old when we rescued them and they needed to be fed every four hours! Thankfully they survived and are now living in a tree in our neighborhood. 


Archy is another little guy from Independence. He was bottle fed for about 5 weeks and even traveled the country with us! 

He enjoys exploring, sleeping on his back, and getting his armpit scratched!




EPIC Tree Care-  Archy EPIC Tree Care Squirrel Archy Archy EPIC Tree Care- Archy

Bam-Bam and Daphne

EPIC Tree Service Kansas City EPIC Tree Care squirrel



*Proudly offering our tree service in a 50-mile radius of Kansas City, MO Including:
Blue Springs / Gladstone / Kansas City Metro Area / Lee Summit / Liberty / Olathe / Overland Park / Raytown / Raymore/ Shawnee Mission


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Providing residential cleaning service to the KC METRO including Lee's Summit, Riverside, Blue Springs, Independence, and NKC, as well as Shawnee and Overland Park, KS.

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Jordan removing a Hazardous tree, which crushed a fence during recent high winds.

EPIC Tree Service Kansas CityEPIC Tree Service Kansas City


Providing Emergency Tree Service


EPIC Tree Care removing a downed tree on a house.


Below: A hazardous tree removal this October.

It was 100' high and appeared healthy, until it began to fall over!

Kansas City Tree Service

EPIC Tree Service

A fallen tree on a home in Princeton, NJ

Tree Service Tree Damage